Frequently Asked Questions

Final Fit Safety products are made mainly from a sugarcane derivative. After the sugarcane has been processed for the food industry, the gum-like byproduct serves as the core ingredient for many bio-plastics including the foam for our earplugs. Not only are the earplugs biobased. The cords and stems are, as well. The bags are made of corn. (Note: On our metal detectable earplugs, the metal detectable components are not biobased.)

Our earplugs are NRR 32, independently tested by Michael & Associates, the highly respected lab that has tested leading brands of earplugs for decades. While the NRR is among the highest, it is also reported that coworkers can hear each other more clearly with our earplugs.

The prices are the same as polyurethane products and are competitive with the leading earplug brands.

Ask your Safety Supplier today. Final Fit products are sold by the most respected Safety Suppliers.

Final Fit Safety earplugs are USDA Certified Biobased. Always insist on seeing the USDA label for any earplugs that claim “biobased,” “sustainable,” “plant-based,” “a greener alternative,” or the like.

Final Fit Safety’s biobased earplugs begin to break down in a landfill in approximately 12 months. Traditional polyurethane earplugs take about 100 years just to reach that beginning stage. Full breakdown time is unknown but certainly much faster than that of petroleum-based earplugs.

Final Fit Safety products pass the following biodegradability tests:

USDA BioPreferred IDs 60599 and 50092.

As per accredited third party testing according to EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 standards employing the testing protocols defined and certified therein:

ASTM D5338 – Aerobic Biodegradation: 76%

OECD 207 – Earthworm toxicity Test

OECD 208 – Ecotoxicity Test

OECD 302 D – Inherent Biodegradability

However, in California, products that are biodegradable by the above standards still cannot use the term “biodegradable”. Therefore, we use the term, “biobased,” to comply with standards worldwide.

“Compostable” refers to a product that breaks down almost immediately, like food scraps. You probably wouldn’t want to put a compostable product in your ears! Our bags are compostable.

Final Fit Safety earplugs are made from USA and Canadian materials, manufactured in Mexico, and shipped from San Diego, California. The entire process – from materials to shipping – is North American. No part of our products comes from China.

The patent pending Pinch Fit provides a new, more ergonomic and hygienic fit. Instead of rolling the product, a worker with dirty hands just needs to pinch and flatten the earplug. The flexible stem inside is flat, not round, so it better fits the natural oval shape of the ear canal. Additionally, traditional stem-guided earplugs push air into the ear canal causing pressure on the eardrum. The Pinch Fit, when flattened, allows air to escape for a much more comfortable insertion. Many users tell us that they insert the product comfortably without pinching it.

Each government entity is different. Federal, state/province, county, city, and grant organizations have different requirements. Please let us know what documentation you need, and we will do our best to provide it.

We have no competitors since petroleum-based polyurethane and PVC earplugs are now obsolete.

Mr. Howard Leight*, the inventor of the smooth, foam earplug, designed, developed, and manufactures Final Fit Safety earplugs.

Like all earplugs, there is no known shelf life when stored in the original packaging. To comply with European Community standards, we say five years.

It’s the sound of sustainability! The bags are made of Canadian corn and are fully biodegradable. If your bags aren’t crunchy, they’re not “green”!

Final Fit earplugs do not take from a food source. The sugarcane derivative used for the earplugs is a byproduct of post-production processes. All the plant’s nutritional value has been utilized before it is used for bioplastics.

Keep out of reach of children due to choking hazard.

The earplugs have no nutritional value or taste. They are probably easy to pass. Please do not send us pics.

Yes. Our products have been fully tested by two independent labs, and do not cause skin irritation.

“Greenwashing” is a term used for “fake green” products. It’s when a manufacturer claims its products are better for the environment when they’re really not. For example, when a company promotes an earplug as “a greener alternative” but it’s just a petroleum-based earplug, that’s greenwashing. To be sure, always ask to see the USDA Biobased label!

“Virtue Signaling” is when a company claims to have a Sustainability Program, Green Initiative, or the like, but still buys single-use plastic products like plastic silverware or polyurethane earplugs instead of their biobased versions. Many companies have very attractive web pages and lengthy Sustainability Reports, but in many cases, just for show.