About Us

Mr. Howard Leight, President

Mr. Howard Leight*, a name synonymous with Hearing Protection, is the creative mind behind Final Fit Safety, the new biodegradable hearing protection products, and the improved fitting designs. Mr. Leight is the originator of the smooth, soft, bell-shaped foam earplug, and is also famous for inventing the industry’s first earplug dispensers and banded hearing protectors. Mr. Leight has continued to invent designs and spawn ideas which Final Fit Safety proudly brings to you today.

*Neither Mr. Howard Leight nor Final Fit Safety are affiliated with or part of Honeywell, Honeywell Safety Products, or Howard Leight Hearing Protection® by Honeywell.
Honeywell’s products carry their own separate trademarks. Final Fit’s products are separate and distinct from any product made and sold by those entities.

Mr. Tom Wagner, VP, COO, Partner

Mr. Wagner has nearly 30 years experience in the PPE market with a main focus on Hearing Protection. He was VP Manufacturing for Howard Leight/Sperian/Honeywell, and led all PPE assembly products. Mr. Wagner was also VP Operations, for Hearos Earplugs / PIP Safety, handling Product Development (including custom building of foam equipment) and all production. He has partnered with Mr. Howard Leight and is excited to build a new “State of the Art” manufacturing line and to develop “next technology” products. Mr. Wagner is also an avid salt water aquarium enthusiast and active tennis player.

Mr. Jason Call, VP, Sales & Marketing  

Mr. Call led both the International Sales and the Marketing Departments for Howard Leight Industries during its greatest growth period. During his 28 years in Safety and Civil Engineering, he has trained and built business in Hearing, Respiratory, Eye Protection, and Gas Detection throughout the Americas, speaking English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Mr. Call has headed successful businesses in and out of the Safety Industry and is very pleased to join this new advancement in Hearing Protection. Mr. Call is also a professionally trained baseball umpire with 35 seasons of experience.

Mr. David A. Leonard, European Consultant

Mr. Leonard’s 50 year career in the Safety Industry includes roles such as Chairman of The British Safety Federation, Managing Director of Howard Leight Europe, and Hearing Consultant for Honeywell. Mr. Leonard is a recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Industry and Technology, and has built successful hearing protection business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Mr. Leonard thanks his career for the opportunities to travel, entertain and educate wearers on Hearing Conservation, even beyond human ears. He was once asked to make an earplug for pigs, for, apparently, stressful pigs do not make good bacon!

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